Carl Simpson

I got to know Carl Simpson while at university. I was in a huge, somewhat dull, introductory philosophy class. So was Carl, a friend-of-a-friend. So, to help pass the monotony of the class, I reintroduced myself to him, and we started hanging out before and after class.

Carl was cool. He was crazy. He loved avant-garde jazz and Gamelan music. He was not a punk rock kid like most of my friends at the time. He spoke in quiet bursts of enthusiasm. And he had a bass clarinet and wanted to use it to play music with me.

So, Carl joined forces with me on DWAB's Sherman’s Unfiltered Music. Carl and I created cool stuff together. We were both willing to be crazy multi-instrumentalists, and we both believed in spontaneous music creation. Often, we would simply lay all our instruments out around the room, strategically place one or two microphones to pick up all the sounds, hit record, and rock on. Surprisingly, it worked out. One of the coolest songs we recoded featured Carl driving my Volvo around while I read and recorded one of my stories….

Carl and I also went on to join forces in Something Like That. In both DWAB and Something Like That, his presence is unmistakable.

Carl also recorded an improvised solo “Christmas” CD with me in 1998.

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