Dan Silver

Dan Silver first introduced himself to me in a letter in which he praised the work of Jeberrekenelle. I was quite flattered to tell the truth. Dan was also a cool guitar player—he had recorded some solo stuff for one of John’s compilations. He was also a great singer. He had a voice that could be both very loud and melodious.

Dan was singing in 60 Cycle Hum, playing music with Sam, when Sam and I formed Folk Songs. We didn’t have a guitar player at the time, and I hadn’t really considered asking Dan, but Sam thought it would be worth a try. It turns out that this was a great decision. Dan was delighted to be in the band, and I got a chance to play with yet another amazing musician.

In addition to his solo work, Folk Songs, and 60 Cycle Hum, Dan also played with John in Shadows and Tall Trees, a truly great band that too few people remember….

You can check out Dan's personal website here.

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