Mike Ruehle

In all fairness, Mike Ruehle deserves a page here. I don’t have too many stories involving him. Mike was always so “all-over-the-place” that I was never able to form a particularly complete bond with him.

That’s not to say that Mike and I haven’t had our share of good times. He was a temporary member of the nameless band that eventually morphed into Jeberrekenelle. We as the host of a really cool radio show and he let my bands play live on his show. He gave me the opportunity to go to some really cool concerts like Ozzfest and Jawbreaker. He invited me to play in a real hardcore band, Stephen Hero, instead of sticking to my crazy artsy stuff. He described DWAB’s One Final Episode In Our Attempts At Persistence as “A one man spiritual force.” He let me record-sit his great record collection while he was all over the place on tour with bands like Avail and Still Life and so on. Basically, he’s been around for a long time, and he’s still around, just not the same person I once knew.

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